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The John West Group 1964 - 1973

Total playing Time: 69.00 mins
The John West Group - album Cover

The John West Group:

John West (Vibes/ Alto),
Bob Davenport (Guitar),
Dave Fowler (Drums), Laurie Fincham (Bass),
Ron Dawes (Piano), and Mo West (Vocals)


No: Title Time
  1.  *     Play track Body & Soul 4.22
  2.  <      Play track Black Orpheus   4.48
  3.  *          Surrey With the Fringe on Top   3.54
  4.  *     Play track Our Love is Here to Stay   4.43
  5.  + *          Do Nothing 'til You Hear from Me   1.41
  6.  + *     Play track Silk Shiny Stockings   2.36
  7.  + *          I Didn't Know What Time it Was   4.49
  8.  + *     Play track Time After Time   2.48
  9.  + *          How High the Moon   3.46
 10.           Isn't It Romantic   4.04
 11.           Mambo in Miami   1.23
 12.  +      Play track If Dreams Come True   2.08
 13.  +           Do I Love You   3.03
 14.  +      Play track Yellow Bird   2.37
 15.  #           Guantanamera   2.56
 16.  *      Play track Watermelon Man   5.28
 17.   ~           Goin' Out of My Head   4.13
 18.  <           One Note Samba   4.59
  19.  *     Play track In a Mellow Tone   4.29
Speaker icon signifies audio clip 69.12

  *    Dick Morrissey (Tenor/Flute)
  +    Mo West (Vocal)
  #    Bob Davenport (Vocal)
  ~    John Mealing (Hammond Organ), Trevor Tomkins (Drums)
        and Ron Dawes (Vibes)
  <    Art Thieman (Tenor), Alan Berry (Piano), Trevor Tomkins (Drums),
        and Ron Dawes (Vibes)

CD cover insert

The Group was engaged to play at the High Pine Club in 1964 for the Club's usual weekly Saturday Dinner Dance. The gig was very successful resulting in the Club offering the band a permanent residency at the Club. The Group continued to play regularly at the Club every Saturday for over nine years.

The Group played a mixture of popular songs combined with modern jazz and easy listening music which proved a popular mix for the Club clientelle. The residency proved very lucrative as many regular patrons booked the band for their private parties at the Club, Wedding Receptions, Company Dinner Dances and Birthday Parties. It was quite usual for the band to be playing at the Club on Saturday's, Friday's and Wednesday's. Even Saturday afternoon as well if it was a wedding. At Christmas & New Year the band was busy nearly every day of the week.

The Leader John West took the opportunity to book numerous guest musicians to play with the Group. The most popular were Dick Morrissey, Danny Moss, Don Rendell, Art Thieman, Tommy Whittle & Ronnie Ross. Also guest drummers Trevor Tomkins & Colin Barnes featured from time to time. Several are featured on this album.

The Group specialised in replicating the George Shearing Sound which was popular at the time, featuring John West on Vibes, Ron Dawes on Piano & Bob Davenport on Guitar. They also played Shearing arrangements behind Vocalist Mo West (John's wife) as on the Peggy Lee, Beauty & the Beat Album which was popular at the time. Tracks on this album Isn't it Romantic, Mambo in Miami and Do I Love You are typical of the style. This album is an archive of how the group sounded at the time with apologies for the poor qulaity of some tracks on the album recorded on cassette tape in the 60's & 70's?

The Club required non stop music from 9pm until 1 am on a Saturday so all the guys and Mo took turns at playing different instruments in order to ensure there was no break throughout the evening. Ron doubled on vibes, Mo played drums and John played double bass and piano allowing two band members at a time to take short breaks during the evening.

The residency at the High Pine Club plus the Group's two Jazz Clubs at The Crown, Twickenham on Thursdays and Klooks Kleek, West Hampstead on Wednesdays mean't that they were always busy. Each band member also had full time day jobs as well but not a lot of sleep??

Ron Dawes.

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