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Hamptonaires at Eel Pie Island 8th July 1952. Hamptonaires_Eel-Pie-Island

Roger Woodcock - Piano accordion, Alan Rodger - Clarinet, John West - Saxaphone,
Ted Stevens - drums, Trevor Nicholas - Mandolin, Ron Dawes - Piano.

The History of the HAMPTONAIRES DANCE BAND, taken from a journal written by John West at the time.

On Shrove Tuesday, February 26th 1952, a concert was held at Hampton Grammar School, and we were asked to contribute a selection of light music for 15 minutes. The show proved a success, and we were complimented by many of the staff on our performance.

Our next engagements came quickly enough. We had now acquired a guitar for Trevor Nicholas, and a set of drums to be played by Laurie Fincham, and fully armed we went to see Mrs Morag Renwick, a dancing instructress who ran the Square Dancing Club each Friday evening at The Clarence Hotel in Teddington. We played for several meetings of her Thames Valley Square Dance Group, with the result that we found ourselves engaged to play at the Thames Hotel, Hampton Court for part of the evening's Square Dancing. We also played on May 3rd - at Shepperton, for a demonstration Square dance to help raise funds for the NSPCC.

from June 5th until the end of the season, July 4th


In July 1952 we decided to call ourselves "THE HAMPTONAIRES",
and the band now consisted of :-

John West ... ... ... piano accordion
Roger Woodcock ... piano accordion and ukelele
Ron Dawes ... ... ... piano
Trevor Nicholas ... violin mandolin and guitar
Alan Rodger ... ... recorder and clarinet
Ted Stevens ... ... drums.

John West, Roger Woodcock and Mark Noble, all friends from Hampton Grammar School, played and sang at a social evening at St. Mary's Hall, Hampton.


10th January At the beginning of the school term we decided to widen our field, and so we teamed up with others at school to try and form a small band.
At the time we were all about 15 - 16 years old.



By the beginning of February the band consisted of :-
John West ... ... ... Roger Woodcock ... ... Ron Dawes ... ... ... Trevor Nicholas ... Alan Rodger ... ... ... ... ... piano accordion ... ... piano accordion and ukelele ... ... ... piano ... violin and mandolin ... ... recorder




to 4th July
So far, we had asked for no payment for our playing, but now a six piece band we decided it was about time we could start charging for our services, and to start us off, Mrs. Renwick persuaded us to play for the Square Dance Group meetings every Friday until the end of the season. for the princely sum of five shillings a week.







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