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A Tribute to George Shearing

Total playing Time: 61.16 mins
A Tribute to George Shearing - album Cover
No: Track title Composer Time
1. When Lights are Low Carter 2.53
2. Where were You * Dawes 3.11
3. Girl from Ipanema. Jobim 3.00
4. A Child is Born Jones 3.31
5. Dreamsville Mancini 4.19
6. Early Morning * Dawes 2.50
7. Lullaby of Birdland Shearing 2.57
8. Melody for George * Dawes 2.25
9. When I Fall in Love Heyman /Young 4.59
10. Peace Silver 4.09
11. Who can I Turn to Bricusse/Newley 3.40
12. East of the Sun Bowman 4.27
13. Never Let Me Go Livingston/Evans 4.54
14. Out of Nowhere Green/Heyman 3.13
15. Sweet Lorraine. Burwell 2.17
16. Estate. Martino/Siegel 2.14
17. On a Misty Night Tadd Dameron 3.27
: Composer
* Original Composition

CD cover insert

Since Ron wrote the tune "Melody for George" dedicated to Shearing, it has been his intention to make a CD using the Shearing Sound as a tribute to George and as a thank you to him for inspiring Ron to take up the piano and become enthusiastic about jazz. The result is this album which reflects Ron's easy style of relaxing music that has proved so popular on his previous albums.

George Shearing died on 14th February 2011 aged 91. He became known for a piano technique known as "Shearing's voicing," a type of double melody block chord, with an additional fifth part that doubles the melody an octave lower. Ron replicates this sound on his Tribute album.

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March 2011


A Tribute to George Shearing
Tribute album

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