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  Experiments with Video and other recent activity

Wilma Kniep album cover Click here for more...   I'm still working on this...! The Wilma Kniep album is now available.

Two years in preparation, our most recent album is now ready in completed form.. There 11 newly recorded tracks and 3 full tracks recorded when Wilma sang with the Netherlands Big band,included on the album. Click the picture or 'THE CDs' linkfor full details about Wilma's album.

Shearing article... George Shearing article....

Earlier in the year, following the sad death of George Shearing, the Woking Informer newspaper expressed interest in Ron's Tribute album ....

Click the picture for more...

Perfect pitch link... Pitch Perfect .

His secret weapon; Ron tells all...

Click the picture for more...

Multitrack link... Multitracking .

There are times when Ron gets very cross with his Piano; in order to get more out of it, a stern rebuke is sometimes needed .

Click the picture to learn how to turn a piano into a dance band.

link to Barbershop... Garry Lloyd investigates.... Barbershop.

Click the picture to hear about the new resurgance of interest in Barbershop singing... in the UK.

Click here... to see and hear Garry, who recently guested with Steel, the new UK Barbershop Champions. Watch Garry's session with Steel.

Visit HarrisJazz For more Jazz in a similar spirit, to download and enjoy, visit Harri's Jazz. Based at Shepperton, we are almost neighbours. Click on their logo to visit their site. They, in turn, link to others you are likely to find interesting.

We are interested to exchange links with others who share similar interests.

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