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  Wilma Kniep

      with Ron Dawes (Piano & Synth) & Derek Phillips (Guitar)
CD Cover
Picture of Wilma Kniep  No:  Track  Time  
1 Play track Satin Doll 3.11
2 What a difference a day made 2.37
3 A Time for Love 3.53
4 Dindi 3.57
5 Moon River 2.48
6 Someone to Watch Over Me 3.22
7 Play track Gentle Rain 3.04
8 Play track When I Fall in Love 5.20
9 But Beautiful 3.19
10 Quiet Nights 3.04
11 The Day it Rained 4.50
* 12 Play track Gee Baby Ain't I Good to You 3.42
* 13 Play track Now Deep is the Ocean 3.36
* 14 Play track It's a Lovely Day Today 3.03
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* Tracks feature... The Netherlands Radio Big Band
 Total playing Time: 49.54 mins

 CD cover insert

 Wilma Kniep

Wilma is Dutch and has sung with a number of bands in Holland as well as with TootsThielmans, the famous U.S. jazz harmonica player. Wilma has also broadcast on Netherlands Radio with the Netherlands Radio Big Band. Listen to her on tracks 12, 13 & 14 with the big band.
Wilma now lives in the UK and Switzerland.

Wilma and Ron have been working together for some time with the objective of producing a CD that truly reflects their musical abilities. Several formats have been tried and this CD represents the best of them.

Wilma likes the simple combination of piano, bass or guitar and voice. It is uncomplicated and allows her more scope to interpret the lyrics and control pitch and timing without interference. Someone to watch over me and But Beautiful are good examples of this. What a Difference a Day Made features Wilma with Ron on Synth/bass. You will be hard pressed to tell the difference from a real string bass.
Dindi features synthesised orchestration as well as piano for the backing. A Time for Love receives similar treatment. Ron's arrangement of Quiet Nights features a haunting synth/harmonica.

Derek Phillips, a fine guitar player is brought in to the sessions for Satin Doll and Moon River.

Derek and Ron have played jazz over many years with well known players like Vic Ash, Bill Le Sage, Don Rendell and Dick Morrissey. They played together in the John West Group which was the resident band at the High Pine Club, Weybridge, Surrey, England.in the 60's and 70's.

It is obvious that Wilma, Ron and Derek were very relaxed on these recording sessions and voice, piano, guitar and bass are free-flowing and interact with each other very well. All the arrangements are by Ron and Derek.

The album ends with archived tracks of Wilma singing with the Netherlands Radio Big Band on Netherlands Radio in 1975. These recordings were made before digital so the sound quality is not up to today's standard. They were recorded at about the same time as Derek and Ron were playing jazz together.

Wilma teams up on this debut album with Ron Dawes and Derek Phillips singing well known standards. The simple format of voice and piano or guitar is uncomplicated and allows her scope to interpret the lyrics and control timing without interference.
Wilma's original album is now complete.

March 2011

 Wilma Kniep


This full album now replaces the sampler album which was offered previously at a discounted price.

Current price on Pay Pal £7.00                          
March 2011


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